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Getting Started
New to Pachyderm? Getting Started provides a variety of resources to familiarize yourself with Pachyderm, its capabilities, setup and operation. This section also provides recommendations on other resources within the Pachyderm site that may be of value in addressing common questions. The Getting Started forum provides a place for new users to pose questions to the Pachyderm User community as well as reference the questions and comment of others.

Pachyderm Video Training Program Print E-mail

Learn how to develop rich mutimedia programs at your own pace using the new hands-on video tutorial series.   Developed by experienced Pachyderm program producers and expert trainers, this series is great for individualized and classroom use. Download the tutorial media to folllow along and build your own example project from beginning to end. This free series of 15 short video covers basic to advanced topics.


This series of tutorials demonstrates how to build a sample Pachyderm titled Tracks of a Pachyderm shown above.

Prepare for the tutorial by downloading and reviewing the following references:

Begin the tutorials by simply viewing the streaming videos or downloading the instructions and media below for a hands-on tutorial.
A  large (75MB) zip file containing all of the instructions and media is also available for download here.
Videos may also be downloaded for offline viewing.

Video Training Resources
 Title Streaming Video

Download Video

 Introduction to Pachyderm  View  Download  NA
 Authoring Overview
 View  Download  NA
 Media Manager Overview  View  Download  NA
 How to Link Screens
 View  Download  NA
 Exploration Entry Template/Home Screen  View  Download  Download
 Aspects Template  View  Download  Download
 Commentary Template  View  Download  Download
Dual Comparison Template  View  Download  Download
Enlargement Template
 View  Download  Download
 Full Screen SWF Template  View  Download  Download
 Layers Template  View  Download  Download
 Media Focus Template  View  Download  Download
 Series Template  View  Download  Download
 Slider Template  View  Download  Download
 Zoom Template  View  Download  Download

















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The Getting Started Forum Print E-mail
The Getting Started forum is a great place to introduce yourself to the community, post basic questions, discuss issues related to the Pachyderm Installation process as well as options for extablishing user accounts with externally hosted Pachyderm providers (such as the NMC).
Last Updated ( Monday, 05 November 2007 )